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Chappie's Spare Change Challenge -UPDATE-


Well the verdict is clear, we sure do love our Chappy Rusty! We raised over  $1700 to help fund the wonderful work she does in our community. Congratulations!


You may or may not be aware, but our wonderful Chaplain - Rusanne 'Rusty' Jourdan's position is only partly funded. We are running a fundraiser - "Chappie's Spare Change Challenge" - to help raise the money needed to keep her doing the wonderful work that she does.

With this challenge, it is all about Maths-:

From the 28/08/2017 (Monday Week 8) to the 14/09/2017 (Thursday Week 10) we are challenging students, parents and school staff to bring in as many spare coins as they possibly can.  Let's face it coins lying around are pesky little monsters anyway, so this is the ideal opportunity to be rid of them!

The challenge will run for three weeks.

This competition challenges everyone to scrounge, save, dig into the back of the sofa, vacuum the car, look under the bed, raid the piggy bank, lighten your purse and check the washing machine! Each classroom will be given a jar which the class is challenged to fill - multiple times if possible. Each Thursday during the challenge the
jars will be emptied and counted and the leaders announced at assembly.

On Thursday of Week 10, the winners will be announced. First prize is a Pizza party, second prize is an ice block for the whole class from the Tuckshop, and third prize is a merit sticker each for the entire class.

So, the challenge is on! It's class against class! Last year's winners were 2V. 
Can anyone beat them? 
Can your child's class win the honour of 'Chappie's Champions 2017?